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Build A Body Course Pack

For Max Performance | 50 CEC/CEU
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Get this convenient and specially designed course pack--save over 30% on exams. Simplify your continuing education experience with this course pack designed for your recertification. What's included:

Elite Physique Discover the blueprint for total human optimization--and maximize cognition, mental clarity, and the intelligence of your athlete clients. | 10 CEC View more
Functional Training and Beyond Discover the body and brain training designed to unlock amazing hidden potential. | 10 CEC View more
Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy Training This cutting-edge course is a fundamental analysis of what your training should look like if muscle growth is your main goal, or even just one of your goals. | 10 CEU/CEC...View more
Adaptive Training Explore an alternate perspective on health and fitness that illustrates how we are a product of our environment. | 5 CEU/CEC...View more
Built from Broken Discover the Built from Broken paradigm shift regarding corrective exercise, sports nutrition, and joint health. | 5 CEU/CEC...View more
Science of Strength Training Discover the hard science to help your clients lose weight, gain muscle, and speed metabolism. | 5 CEU/CEC...View more
Science of HIIT Help your clients achieve the best results from HIIT workouts by understanding the muscle action needed to perfect each exercise. | 5 CEU/CEC...View more
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